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About Us



 Our primary purpose is to breed and train our dogs & puppies to be the perfect human companions.  Some of our dogs have even become the best service and therapy dogs. We want all of our puppies and their families to live a long , happy life together. 

We only breed to enrich the lives of our puppies and their new owners.  Doodles are the perfect dog breed to make this happen.  However, we also understand the success of an enriching dog owner life begins with responsible & professional breeding techniques, a purposeful and goal-oriented puppy educational curriculum, a solid and consistent behavior training program, along with lots of love and devotion.

 We strive for maintaining the best health of all our parent dogs, and we rotate our litters  with different dams (momma dogs).  All of our breeding dogs are chosen very carefully for the best Health &  Temperaments, and are DNA/Health tested. We are always here to support our puppy families and offer a lifetime of support for anything they may need.    

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About Us

Since 2018, we have focused mainly on a few of the doodle hybrid breeds we feel are superior and of the finest quality in the doodle breed.   Our family has always  raised and rescued many different animals, but we always dreamed of using our vast experience with animals and behavior training to start a high-quality breeding program for the best companion dogs.   We researched many different dog breeds, and animal husbandry.   Our dream of becoming a doodle breeder finally came true upon retiring from teaching after 30 years.

We focused all of our efforts to find the best breeding and training programs, as well as, the best in puppy curriculum.  Now, dog training and socializing is a big part of our daily life and everyone in the family helps out. We are not a large kennel, and purposely keep our program small, and use the best holistic methods in puppy-rearing.

Over the years, we have  added several more top-quality doodles to our family, and even more to an extended family of guardian dog owners who love, care and raise one of our top quality breeding dogs in their home as their lifetime pet.  This has been a great experience for our family and we have established many great new friends with our guardians.  All of our puppies are raised from birth in our family home with the best quality care, breeding protocols and love. The parent dogs are our family members/pets or the family pets of our guardian friends that have been adopted to local families who also love and raise them with the same level of care.  This allows us to ensure each momma dog only has a few litters, and then is retired early to continue living her best life with us or the guardian family.  Breeding is hard work, requires a lot of dedication, patience and long hours, but we have found it to be very rewarding and fulfilling.  Our Doodles definitely make our hearts happy, and we hope to make the hearts of others happy as well.


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* focused on the needs of our parent dogs and puppies

*maintaining clean and safe facilities

*adhering to the best health information and advanced medical interventions & equipment

*utilizing parents health and genetic testing to make the best decisions in mating parent dogs

* driven by professional breeding protacols, puppy curriculums and behavior training

*providing puppy parents with information to raise and train the best dog possible

*continually learning and improving breeding techniques

*ensure that none of our dogs or puppies are ever abondanded, or surrerndered to shelters/rescues

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