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Check out these happy Fur Families!!

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 Hanna- The Merle Tri Color Bernedoodle 

We were so excited to find Beautiful Doodles of California advertised in the Los Angeles Times.  We were lucky because they said they don't usually advertise in newspapers, but they were expanding their reach farther south and would only place 1 ad....well, that turned out the best thing for us! We found the perfect  mini Bernedoodle in the most beautiful colors, coat and blue eyes.  We were in love the moment we saw her, and she is so calm and well-behaved. The perfect dog for us since we are now retired.  Hanna will live her best life with us now in Beverly Hills & spend the weekends with us in Redondo Beach with our family and grandkids (They adore Hanna).  We can't thank Beautiful Doodles enough and whole-heartedly recommend them as your choice for an amazing doodle breeder. ~Dr. & Mrs. Terry F.

Harlee - The Sheepadoodle

Beautiful Doodles of California is the best small family breeder to get an amazing doodle from, and I highly recommend them. I am so happy I discovered Carrie at Beautiful Doodles of CA when I did.  As a nurse during the Covid Outbreak I really needed a sweet & intelligent fur friend in my life, and I got the best one!  They raise their doodles in a very loving home with their kids and family.

Everything was just right from out first contact to when we picked up our special dood.  I was nervous to buy online after hearing so many stories of scams, but Carrie was able to show me how to avoid scammers and she made me feel so comfortable with frequent phone calls, emails & video calls, and even  allowing me to meet the puppy in person  before go home day.  She helped us so much after Harlee came home to us and even came to visit at our home to help with the potty training set up.    

Our Harlee is just like her beautiful momma beautiful, sweet & smart.  We are so happy we got her from Beautiful Doodles of California and highly recommend others get one from them! ~ Tri. R..

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Izzy - The Goldendoodle 

Izzy is the best dog I have ever known, and I'm not the only one saying that!  She is my special fur family, but she is also in training to be my service dog. All the trainers rave about how intelligent she is, and I am so proud of her.  I owe so much to Carrie and Beautiful Doodles for helping me get Izzy. I had been wanting the perfect red goldendoodle for quite sometime, when I saw Instagram pictures of Izzy's dad Koda I knew I had to have her. However, she needed to pass the requirements to become a future service dog and the Beautiful Doodle program really helped me with this.  They are top-notch in my book and I will refer many others to them to get another amazing doodle. Thank you!~ Amy J.

Rocky - The Sheepadoodle & Paisley the Bernedoodle

Beautiful Doodles of CA is excellent in all areas of breeding doodles. We highly recommend you get your doodle puppy from them.  We appreciate all their knowledge and expertise, and especially their prices are very reasonable.  We got our first dood from them in 2019 and we love him so much, so we could not wait to get our next BD of CA doodle.  In the fall of 2022, we were able to add our sweet Bernedoodle girl from them.  Carrie has made the process so easy, they even made arrangements to meet us half way in Southern California, instead of 5 hours we only needed to travel 2  1/2  and it was worth a little extra drive for us to get the best doodles and the best breeder. We love our BDCA Doodle Duo ! ! ~JM

 Milo - The Australian Bernedoodle (Double Doodle)

I had just heard about Double Doodles and then I found the Beautiful Doodle website, and I could not believe my eyes! They have the most beautiful doodles (like their name), but also I think they have the most  rare and unique Double Doodle breeds.  I was swept off my feet when I first saw their litter of Australian Bernedoodles (Australian Labradoodle dad & Bernedoodle mom). I was so happy that i put down the $250 reservation deposit and I got to choose first! I picked my Milo right off the get go & I am so happy.  Milo has the softest deep red wavy coat. He is super smart. The adoption process and the BDCA program was so easy to work with, and they helped me arrange ground transportation at a low cost to bring my  sweet doodle Milo to San Francisco safely. Of course, I recommend them as the best place to get your next doodle ! ~ Mary B

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Lola - The Sheepadoodle  (Rehomed)

I know this may not seem like a positive review at first...but it really is, and Carrie at Beautiful Doodles is amazing.  She really came through with so much concern and diligence for us and our sweet Lola.  No fault to her or their program, after taking our new doodle puppy home,  we were hit with an unexpected and sudden change in our employment and found ourselves needing to relocate immediately, along with an unexpected pregnancy. We were devastated , but knew it was not fair to put our sweet little puppy through all those unknown and sudden changes. We needed to rely on some good friends to take Lola when we had to fly out suddenly to our new location. I contacted Carrie regarding our unexpected situation and she was ready and willing to go get Lola and bring her back to her home. We were beyond ecstatic to hear that after only 2 weeks she had already been able to more fully train Lola and also found her an amazing home in Los Angeles with an older couple who needed a trained dog.  We deeply miss our sweet Lola, she was the best dog we've ever had, but we are forever grateful to Carrie and the BDCA program for being so professional and accommodating.  They really stand behind their word and put the best interest of their dogs first and foremost. Our circumstance is probably a little unusual, but I feel it really shows how responsible and professional they are as breeders.  We highly recommend them for everything they do and sacrifice to care for their beautiful doodles and customers. ~ Antonia D.

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Gus - The Phantom Golden Bernedoodle (Double Doodle)

Once we relocated to Huntington Beach,, CA from Canada we new we wanted a special non-shedding doodle.  While searching the internet for doodle puppies in California we came across the BDca website and we were so happy we did.  We interviewed several different breeders, but we felt the Beautiful Doodles ca was the best. Carrie was very patient with us as we both asked her a lot of questions.  She helped us determine the kind of doodle we wanted, and when we did a facetime video call with her new Golden Bernedoodle litter we knew immediately we wanted the stunning Phantom Tri Color.  We were so giddy with excitement when we went to pick up Gus that we called our family in Canada at her home to facetime them and have them meet our new boy.  We think they are the best in Doodle Breeders~A & Y

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Jazzy - The Aussiedoodle

I absolutely adore my Aussiedoodle girl from Beautiful Doodles of California. I am obsessed with her 1 blue eye & 1 brown eye like her daddy Avi Blu.  She is such a good puppy and was already sleeping through the night since we brought her home.  She is calm and easy to train. She fit in so easily into our family and gets along so well with our older big dog.  They are the best of friends.  We are so happy with our decision to get a doodle puppy from them and I love that Carrie is excited when we send her new updates of our little Jazzy. If you are looking to get a new doodle dog , we recommend you go to Beautiful Doodles of California ~ Linda H.

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Otis - The Berneadoodle

We have the best things to say about getting our special doodle pup from Beautiful Doodles of California. They made the process very easy from the beginning & throughout our entire experience.  They even helped us get the best transportation to bring our sweet boy to us in Alabama. Everything was so easy and smooth. We loved getting the nursery puppy updates, pictures and videos, but the best thing is all of the recommendations on supplies and training tips Carrie sent, including the lifetime B&B training  program.  They still love to hear from us and get updates on how our sweet Otie is doing.  When we are ready for our next puppy we will definitely go back to them. ~ Melissa K. & Family

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Lily - The Blue Merle Bernedoodle 

We are in love with our new baby!! Everyone she meets falls instantly in love with her and we will definitely recommend and refer people to Beautiful Doodles of CA. I am so happy Carrie recommended the training program Baxter and There is so much good information and the trainers are very professional and knowledgeable.  I even used the 1-1 Individual zoom appointments. Carrie was very kind and helpful during and after the adoption process, she was glad to answer many questions even after we took our sweet bernedoodle girl home. ~ EM & Family

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Jax - The Australian Goldendoodle (Double Doodle)

Double the joy and double the looks in our best boy Jax! We had been looking at Australian Labradoodles for a long time, but did not think we could afford them.  A friend shared a facebook post of a new double doodle, an Australian Labradoodle bred with a Goldendoodle and we knew we hit the Jax-pot! My favorite name and now my favorite doodle of all.  Jax is the sweetest and smartest boy ever.  We are so thankful that Beautiful Doodles was able to verify our employment and set up a brief notarized-payment plan since we are local and that helped us know we could get Jax and the equipment and training to help him be the best dog ever! BDCA is highly recommended by the ~ Alden's

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Penny  - The  Golden Bernedoodle (Double Doodle)

I had been communicating with Carrie at Beautiful Doodles for over a month asking questions and looking at all their amazing doodles.  When I saw the Double Doodle litter of Golden Bernedoodles right before Christmas I knew that was the beautiful doodle I wanted. As soon as we brought her home she fit right in with our kids and older lab. She is such a good girl and we have a lot of friends asking where to get a doodle like her. :) ~ W. Family

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