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Baxter and Online Training

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We highly recommend the Baxter & Bella Training program to all our puppy adoption families. Even if you have raised puppies in the past, we know this comprehensive & verified training program is the best for all new puppy parents, and even for older dogs. 

You can avoid a lot of the initial puppy inappropriate training situations by signing up for this lifetime membership.  Then use the program with any of your dogs and at all stages of their life. Best of all you can begin this program before you bring your new puppy home and start with these lessons: Puppy Prep, How to Become a Trainer & Successful House Set-up, as  well as the Guided Family Meeting to make sure all members of the household are using the same training techniques and cue words.  They even have a section specifically for young children, which is very important if you have young children in your home or as visitors.  The best part is you can watch these lessons as many times as you like, whenever you want, as often as you want, and you will never pay anymore.

There is only a 1 time lifetime membership fee "was" $238, however, enter this discount code (DESIGNERDOODLES) at sign up and you will get it with a 25% discount , for only $178,50...and then it's yours to use forever.  There are tons of recorded lessons, PDF handouts & worksheets, Blog, Live group lessons & even 1-1 live professional lessons & support whenever you need it.  This is a very small fee to help you get the best trained dog for life!

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