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Why Choose Us


 We have an outstanding reputation with our clients, guardian families, community and other breeders. We are consistently providing a friendly and professional service in pre-adoption, and post adoption of our puppies.  They are all our babies, and always remain in our hearts even after they go home. We are a professionally trained  breeding program for puppy rearing and dog training. We offer a lifetime of support to our puppy parents. We are definitely not an irresponsible or careless breeder and it is not about the money of selling puppies, it’s about the quality of care and decision making that goes into giving families the opportunity to own a great  and unique doodle or poodle dog. We truly love all of our dogs and guardian dogs and helping them experience the natural process of canine mating and birthing in the most beneficial way is a key to the success of our program. There is a strict No Abandonment/No Shelter clause in our contract, and if any puppy owner feels they can no longer appropriately care for their puppy under any circumstance or at anytime we will always take the dog back and work to reacclimate the puppy/dog to us and find it a new loving family for life. We truly care what our guardians, puppy parents and community think about us.

Reasonable Rates

 We pride ourselves in helping families bring home the best doodle or poodle of their choice in a fair and equitable manner.  Our adoption pricing is significantly lower than our competitors who offer a similar top quality family-raised pup. We are a professional breeding program and  not a backyard, so our prices do reflect the expertise we put into our puppies and their health and well-being. Pricing is determined by each litter. We must calculate all the costs in the mating and birthing process, this can vary between litters depending on the parents and the mating process involved. We do not set one high fee for all of our puppies in a litter.  We feel it is not fair to charge everyone the same price for a puppy with the most desirable characteristics. Although all of our puppies are beautiful and special, the price can be a little higher for some specific features (ex: hair and eye color, size, etc). Our average cost range is typically between $1,400 -$2,000, with a few a little higher if they have those characteristics. We understand getting a doodle of exceptional quality is an investment for our puppy families and we want to make sure it is the BEST experience for them, because we know they are getting a puppy of INCREDIBLE value!

Family Raised Puppies

 Our dogs and puppies are 100% raised in our home with our children, other dogs and 2 cats. Some breeders claim to raise puppies in their home, but still have large kennels to birth and keep them in, as well as other employees who do the birthing, & raising of puppies, as well as the back end of the business for advertising and social media. Not us, we have some professional whelping/birthing crates in our bedroom to personally observe and keep our young puppies 100% safe while they sleep, and a cutte little puppy nursery room and  outdoor puppy play area for them to explore and develop with their siblings. Our dogs and puppies are socialized at an early age and are safely raised around our children, friends, as well as other dogs and cats. Even though we are small and only have a few litters per year, we also use and follow the best in puppy birthing, education and socialization curriculums.

& Socialization

 We  are trained to provide puppies with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI), and specific Puppy Handling Exercises for the first 2 weeks of their life.  This is very important training as it helps stimulate their nervous system and senses.  It also is accredited with providing young puppies with better CONFIDENCE, RESILIENCY & NERVE STRENGTH. This type of training not only stimulates the development of young puppies brains, but it also teaches them how to bounce back quickly and calmly from unexpected moments or environments.  Our training does not stop there, after the first 2 weeks and up to the time they go home we continue with more Puppy Handling exercises, Scent, Sound & Toy Introduction, as well as, a lot of socialization with different environments, people and animals.  We also have a plethora of puppy/kiddy play structures in our inside and outside puppy plaggrounds to offer lots of physical training, including problem solving, such as how to go in and around obstacles. In fact, each day for our puppies is full of new adventures and opportunities to learn. We also incorporate the puppy curriculums Puppy Culture & Avid Dog to help advance their development. We also begin the early stages of behavior training, along with beginning crate & potty-training with Baxter & Bella dog training program.   

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Refundable Deposit Options

We are not in the business of keeping your deposit as do most breeders.  We understand there may be times where prospective puppy parents need to change their minds and we offer a level of refunds depending on where in the adoption process it occurs. Pre-Birth Puppy Reservation deposits are only $250 & are completely %100 refundable up to the time of choosing a puppy post-birth. After birth deposit holders are able to choose a puppy in order of reservations (Breeder has first right to choose in any litter if needed). An additional post birth deposit of $250 confirms your puppy choice and the sliding scale refund schedule below begins for your full $500 deposit.  This is when we only deduct an amount based on a portion of our expenditure costs to re-advertise a puppy before Go-Home Day: a 75% refund up to 3 weeks after birth (-processing fees), a 40% refund up to 5 weeks after birth (-new advertising fees), a 15% refund up to 6 weeks after birth (-rehoming fee). No Refund after 7 weeks after birth. The full price of the puppy must be paid before the puppy goes home. Deposits may also be transferred to make reservations for a different upcoming litter if made before puppies birth, after that the transferable amount follows the same refund schedule listed above. You are never locked into a particular litter, and are able to choose the exact puppy You want, in the timing you want. .


 We are centrally located in Southern California, just 2 hours north of Los Angeles, the beach and the mountains, as well as 2 hours south of Fresno, Modesto & other northern central towns.  For Puppy Go-Home Day we are able to schedule accessible local pick-ups within 100 miles of us, For most litters we are also usually able to arrange group partway meet-ups within 250 miles of us for a small fee.  We can also help you arrange affordable travel plans if you live further away, such as professional ground or air Transportation, or we have several professional flight nannies to choose from (you pay the transportation agency their current fee directly to them). We are also able to work with you on the Best way to get your new puppy to you, and in most cases we are able to offer Extended stay past the puppy pick up date for a small fee.   


We also make every effort to effectively communicate and send puppy updates to our families.  We will take pictures & videos of puppies at various stages of development and activities.  We can also arrange some facetime or video calls at a time convient to each prospective owner.

Outstanding Health
& Warranty

 We are highly trained in providing above standard care with additional veterinary care and medications to nurture growing puppies, we do not skimp on the cost. We have invested  a lot to make sure we have the best quality equipment & supplies for puppy birthing and rearing.  We also continually invest a lot into our parent dogs for proper nutrition, supplements, training & grooming.   Every parent dog in our program has been thoroughly vetted for the best quality genetics, conformation & temperaments. We are very intentional about the dogs we breed. Our puppies and moms are dewormed regularly, & treated for prevention of intestinal parasites. Most of the time puppies are given their first vaccination, unless a customer's veterinarian requests for a delay. They are sent home with a Health Guarantee to protect the buyer in case of any serious  condition that might develop as they grow. However, we carefully evaluate the genetic testing, ancestral pedigree & veterinary evaluations of all our parent dogs. and have never had any issues with these.  Our puppy families also take home their puppy's medical record, contract, helpful information & training recommendations, as well as a sample of food, scent blanket of mom & siblings and few other goodies to make the puppies transition to their home as smooth as possible.  

We are always here to provide a life-time support to our puppy families.

Giving Back

 As a responsible breeder in the Doodle community, we desire to use a substantial amount of any profits to give back to local non-profit animal services, shelters, and rescues.  We are also able to help a few local non-profit organizations with Puppy Donations from approved litters to assist with their non-profit fundraising opportunities.  Occasionally, we have also been able to gift a few specific puppies to cancer patients, disabled veterans and other people with acute needs.

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